You get the life you're given.

on a totally separate note, i HATE palm tree pics.

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I want to sleep with him every night.


I want to sleep with him every night.

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my god, he sings toooooo

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veritasvosliberabit89 asked: Yup did it all and it works for everything except with he is like "talking to himself/in his mind" did it show you subtitles for that part too? Thank you so much for your help! I watched it even though sometimes the subtitles weren't working lol

im not 100% sure, it moved really fast so it was a bit hard to follow. im gonna watch it again to see if i can pick it up better

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Billy Madison (1995)

"Man, I’m glad I called that guy!"

instead of all those cheesy bullying posters around we should just post this

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Trouble at the deli counter (x)

Shane knows how to have a good time

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